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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Valentine Tradition: Overhyping Office Romance

I happened upon a blog this morning that put my thoughts into words.

There are minor workplace issues and there are major workplace issues. And then there are blown-out-of-proportion workplace issues—like romance in the office, a topic that inevitably surfaces around Valentine’s Day. John Hollan writes: I understand the news hook of Valentine’s Day, but really, is this a hot, burning issue for any workplace in America?

Like Hollan, I have received at least a dozen press releases on the latest Valentine’s Day survey, poll or expert advice that is supposed to show why office romances are good, bad or problematic.

Last week, Sue Shellenbarger of The Wall Street Journal told us that the office has replaced college as the top marital hunting ground. Young people are waiting longer to get married and some are meeting their spouses at work. By now, most people know that dating the boss is a bad idea. We don't need cupid to remind us of that. But I don't see dating a colleague as a new and huge workplace problem, do you?


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