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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Where are your kids after school?

For me, the afternoon hours when my kids get home from school are nuts (and that's with my kids supervised). I shutter when my friends and co-workers tell me how crazy and difficult it can get for teens after school without supervision. That's why I can understand the hysteria about the proposed federal budget cut in funding for afterschool care.

Here is what's going on: This week, President Bush released a budget proposal to cut the popular 21st Century Community Learning Centers initiative from the $1.1 billion to $800 million. The effect is it would deny afterschool programs to some 300,000 students, according to the Afterschool Alliance.

"With millions of children unsupervised after school, funding for these programs should go up, not down, says Jodi Grant, executive director of Afterschool Alliance." If Congress agrees to the President’s devastating proposal, millions of children and families that need quality afterschool programs will lose." To read more about this visit Do you think there are adequate afterschool programs in your neighborhood?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes there are adequate after school programs in my neighbourhood. However the quality is questionable. I was appalled to find out that Junior High School kids will be taking care of my Kindergartner after school. Not going to work out for me.

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shudder, not shutter

1:49 PM  

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