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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A year off-- Is it your fantasy?

Would you completely freak out if you were financially able to take a year off work and do nothing? Does getting out of the rat race for that long scare you about your chances of getting back in? How would you respond if someone asked you what you did for a living?

Yesterday, I chatted with Lynne Wines, CEO the South Florida division of CNL Bank. After a long career as a banker(previously Colonial Bank's president and CEO for commercial banking in South Florida), Wines took 14 months off -- to do nothing. No running from meeting to meeting, no overbooked schedule and mounds of email to clear, no pressing
Wines says it took a while to unwind -- to allow herself to do nothing. She traveled, read books mid-day in a lounge chair in her backyard, did some volunteer work. She says it did feel odd to fill out forms that asked for her profession or respond to the cocktail party question: what do you do? Her answer, "I'm a banker." She took a full year off before she started to job hunt.

Wines, looked relaxed, and has re-entered the workforce (right back at the top) with new enthusiasm. She recommends everyone take a year off if they can swing it: "It's the best gift you can give yourself."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an unrealistic goal for I believe a majority of people. She was a CEO of a corporation making what I'm sure was a six-figure salary.

It's tough for the average worker joe to view this as even a possibility, much less read about it. For her to say she recommends it to everyone, well that's just downright cruel knowing it's unattainable for most working stiffs.

3:19 PM  

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