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Thursday, March 06, 2008

When a man loses his job is he still successful?

Despite juggling work and family and personal pursuits such as golf, most men proudly talk about what they do for a living. Lately, a number of my girlfriends have told me their husbands have lost their jobs. The scenario has not only created turmoil financially, it has created emotional havoc for the entire family.

So I had to wonder when I learned of a new survey by American Express and Best Life Magazine that found men increasingly are defining success by their family's health and happiness, work/life balance, and time they spend having fun.

Are these men who never lost their jobs?

Some interesting stats from the survey of 1,000 affluent men:
* Only 10 percent of men consider themselves both happy and successful.
* Nearly all of the men (95 percent) believe that to be successful, a man must achieve work/life balance
* Only one out of four men will take a sick day to enjoy their personal interests.

Best Life Magazine also outlines the secrets of the 10 percent of men who are extremely happy and super successful. Some characteristics that set them apart: The ability to have fun, having clearly defined goals and navigating change well.

It's that last thing -- navigating change well -- that will be crucial in the upcoming months for executives who may suffer in the souring economy. Does this topic hit home for you? Do you consider success tied to your career? And, how can you keep job loss from emotionally affecting your entire family?


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