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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Work-space induced stress.

Do you walk into work and feel stressed just looking at your desk? I do. In her new book,Miami organizer Diane Hatcher asks, "How do you feel when you walk into your work each morning?" If you feel stressed, get organized, she says.

I know Diane is talking to me. She must see the piles of mail and magazines clumped in the corner of my desk. I'm so busy most days, it's hard to take the time to declutter. But Diane insists clearing away the clutter will not get us organized. She wants us to create a system that will keep us from accumulating again. And, most important to realize being perfectly organized is unrealistic. (That's a relief!)

Here are some time-management/organization tips Diane gives in her book that I will put into action and pass on:
* Answer routine letters on the original letter.
* Stop piling -- create a place for everything except piles.
* Be ruthless about throwing things out.
* Break the habit of just laying stuff down where there's space. Put it away where it belongs.
* Purge file annually.
* Take reading materials with you to read while stuck in traffic or waiting for an appointment.

Diane's new book is Don't Agonize, Organize Your Office. Visit her website at I'm convinced I'm more productive and less stressed when I take control of my work space. Do you think clutter, maybe even your co-worker's clutter, affects your stress level at work?


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