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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Real men take naps

I'll never forget when I brought my daughter to a bridal shower and it was her turn to write in the advice book for the new bride. She wrote, "make sure your husband gets a nap on the weekends."

You see, my husband works long hours during the week. But every Saturday and Sunday, he absolutely, positively must have an afternoon nap. They are vital to his work/life balance and his personality. No nap and he morphs into a very crabby boy. So I found myself relieved when I read a blog post by Dave Barry that reveals the most significant medical discovery for men since the invention of the electric nose-hair trimmer is that MEN NEED SLEEP.

Absolute chaos can be going on in my house on the weekends and through it all, my husband naps. I can't seem to pull of the same feat. But thanks to Dave, I now know that men produce a hormone that causes them to produce muscle mass when they sleep. I discovered from another article that naps help men fend off stress and heart disease. So I must agree with Dave, real men never miss their afternoon naps -- at least not in my house. Do you nap on your days off?


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