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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Can you relate to Carrie Bradshaw?

What are you doing May 30th? That's the big topic at work today because May 30th is the opening date for the Sex & the City movie. Productivity must be sagging in offices nationwide as women discuss when and where they're going to see it on the big screen.

One of my girlfriends who lived for a while as a single woman in NYC is taking the day off work on Friday to see the movie. I may join her. I’m sure we won’t be alone in the theater. All day at my office, the girls are buzzing about getting a group together to go see it.

Why does this foursome inspire so much female camaraderie? Asks blogger Leslie Morgan Steiner. The New York Times reports in This One Goes Out to the Ladies -- and Their Friends that mobs of women across the country have made elaborate opening night plans (including flying en masse to Manhattan to see the movie on location).
I’ve always admired the way the show depicts working women. Indeed, I think Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda embody a bit of all of us. These four women are real to me. I can relate to Miranda’s crazy work life as a law partner, Carrie’s job as a columnist, Charlotte’s struggle with infertility and Samantha’s glamorous and sometimes lonely life as a PR executive. Their struggles with meeting Mr. Right or Mr. Big are shared by so many of my gal pals who tell me that dating today as a self-sufficient, income-producing woman is challenging.
Even though, like most women watching the show, I don't live in New York or wear the same fashions, these women and their career, child-rearing and love-life dilemmas are real to me and most of the women I know. The girls have financial troubles like we do, laugh and cry like we do, fight with each other like we do, and most importantly make mistakes and go on. As Steiner notes, “They make everyday female problems -- working motherhood, infertility, deplorable romantic decisions, too-demanding jobs, wrinkles, mortgages, lousy boyfriends, too many shoes -- look beautiful, funny, and bearable.”

To me, a bonus of the show was the insight men gained from watching it. Women, have you ever had a discussion with a man about his take on Carrie breaking up with Aidan, Miranda giving Steve the cold shoulder or Samantha hooking up with a young hunk? The show certainly sparked some discussion in my house.

What do the Sex & the City ladies say about your life? Are you going to opening night? Would your consider going with your spouse or boyfriend or is this strictly a girls night out?


Blogger said...

great to hear about the life of the celebrities and how they spend their life and how they from insight

11:19 AM  
Blogger artemis fusion said...

I haven't watched the movie till now so can't relate to this blog. I need to watch it and then I can comment on it. Thanks for the post though

12:59 PM  

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