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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Does money follow passion?

After my recent article on finding your passion, I noticed a timely blog discussion. At issue: Will financial success necessarily come to those who follow their passions?

Marci Alboher who writes Shiftingcareers says: "The short answer, of course, is, “It depends.” If you happen to have a passion for choosing stocks, the money will follow a lot more easily than if you have a knack for writing Shakespearean sonnets. But most of us fall somewhere in the middle of those extremes, and that’s why there are as many answers to the question as there are career paths."

Darren Rowse, of ProBlogger (the authority on just about anything having to do with blogging): “I think it can be true — but what if you love doing something that there is just no economic sense in?”

From J.D. Roth, of Get Rich Slowly (a personal finance blogger who provides solid advice about money while conveying a “money isn’t everything” vibe): “Well, I’m not convinced there’s a strong correlation. I think that financial success can be related to doing what you love, but it’s not always the case. I have friends who love to teach, but they’re never going to get rich at it. I have friends who hate their jobs but make a killing.”

To me, it's about your definition of financial success. If you are passionate about something, you're more likely to figure out a way to make money doing it. You may not get rich but you will make money, and to me, that's success.

Of course, Janet Attwood, author of The Passion Test, would argue yes, money follows passion. Attwood says the most successful people in their professions are those that followed their passion. But I plan to ask her to weigh in.

Meanwhile, let me hear what you think. Does money follow passion?


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