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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Are you getting more forgetful?

Do you ever hear yourself saying, "How could I have forgotten to do that?"

I'm desperately searching for an explanation why I can't remember things I need to do without writing them down. No more mental lists for me! I've gotten to the point where if I'm driving while someone mentions something that she needs me to do, I pull over or ask the person to call me back so I can write it down.

A co-worker assures me that my memory issues are helpful for raising responsible children. "It teaches them to take responsibility and write it down and not to just assume you are going to remember to do it," she insists.

Not long ago, a USA Today article reported scientific evidence that memory loss is a real issue for new moms. They gave it the name, Momnesia. One mommy blogger writes: I’ve suffered the effects of this illness long before I even knew it existed or had a name. I'm just wondering how long one can be considered a new mom. My youngest is almost seven. Does that rule me out from qualifying for Momnesia?

Another article calls spotty memory a symptom of information overload. There's a theory that information overload causes us to run out of brain space so there's not enough room to remember all those to-dos. Do you believe people can run out of brain space? Do you believe memory loss is caused by trying to balance work and kids? What are your techniques for remembering your to-dos?


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