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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dads who cut back work help at home

I'm enjoying a blog that addresses work life balance from a father's perspective. Check it out. In his latest posting, Blogger s reveals: Dads who cut back on their hours to help at home are not just sitting on their couches watching ESPN's Sportscenter.

The research says: Part-time worker dads do more housework (about an hour more) than full-time worker dads, and about 40 minutes more childcare. We know about these changes thanks to forthcoming work from Liana Sayer (Ohio State University) and Sanjiv Gupta (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) in which they analyzed the 2003-2005 ATUS.

Researchers also discovered that mothers do more paid work—14 hours more—than they did 40 years ago. They do less housework—exactly 14 hours fewer—too. But they do 4 hours more of childcare than in the past. But it looks like those girl gab sessions in Sex & The City are more fictitious than we care to admit: bonding with spouse, kin, and friends is being sacrificed by working moms for time with children, research shows.

-- Council on Contemporary Families, How Americans Use Their Time: Got Data?


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