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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Woman CEO uses a plan for work-life balance

How does a woman lead a law firm during tough economic times, raise a family, mentor other lawyers, participate in professional organizations and have a sound marriage?

Rhea Law, CEO of Fowler White Boggs Banker in Tampa has figured out a system. Every Thanksgiving she and her husband, owner of a telecommunications business, sit down and make a plan for what they want to accomplish. "We take time to be thankful for our blessings then talk about coming year.'' They include everything from non-profit work to house projects to business goals to vacations. She says the plan only works if you write everything down.

"Family and friends can be helpful in causing you to succeed if they know what you are trying to do," Law says. Even if she and her husband don't agree with everything on each other's list, they agree to go with the plan.

The couple set aside time quarterly to go through the list and find things they forgot about. Then, they make a time frame to get those things done instead of harboring resentment. The couple has been using this system for their entire 23-year marriage and included their children in the planning when they were still at home. "It's a basis for communication and managing expectations."

I asked Law if she has achieved work/life balance with her system. She said: "Balance assumes equalness. There is no equalness. I think I have achieved alignment with my family."

Law must be doing something right. Once again, her firm has landed on the list of top women-led businesses in Florida compiled from a survey by The Commonwealth Insitute (TCI). The full article on the survey is in today's Miami Herald. I found it interesting that the majority of women business leader said they have achieved work/life balance. Still, about 38 percent said they spend more time working than they would like to.

Which category do you fall in? Are you spending more time at work than you would like to, or have you found balance? Do you think Law's system for balance could work for you?


Anonymous Women Mentoring said...

Balance between work and personal life is so important! I learned that through women mentoring!

5:14 PM  
Anonymous get paid to take online surveys said...

Thanks for the information here...good to read that there are woman who are doing so well and are at the top of their careers.Even balancing between home and work there are some who achieve and make it a success story.

12:45 AM  

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