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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ready for Labor Day, not for returning to work

Labor Day is the official end of the summer. Are you energized for the home stretch?
A new poll says most of you are not. You're bored, bored, bored at work. And, worse you're completely un-relaxed.
The survey conducted by DDI (Development Dimensions International) revealed some interesting findings on how most U.S. workers feel about work.
  • Although half of all U.S workers feel unmotivated about returning to work after Labor Day because of a lack of new challenges, when asked what career resolutions they would make after Labor Day, none of the respondents said they would ask their bosses for new and more interesting projects.
  • Males vs. Females: when making career resolutions, 12% of male respondents say they are determined to get a promotion after Labor Day and 18 percent are committed to participating in more professional development opportunities to fulfill that goal. However, none of the female respondents consider either of these as after-summer resolutions, ranking ‘looking for a new job’ and ‘focusing more on work’ as priorities.
  • The survey also revealed a work-life imbalance with sparse summer vacation time. Nearly a quarter of workers surveyed say they took no vacation and a total of 40% took zero to four days of vacation this past summer, leading 60% to report feeling un-relaxed.
I'm feeling a little spoiled after reading this poll. I took two weeks off this summer, feel totally relaxed and re-energized. I think it's fascinating though that most women are resolved to finding a new job, where men are focused n getting a promotion. What's going on out there? Are women burned out and giving up? Your thoughts please!


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