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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Strategies for coping with back to school

As kids head back to school, I recently put a query out to readers, asking working parents to share their best tips for keeping themselves and their kids organized during the year. I highlighted some tips in my Miami Herald column. Here are a few more that I found useful:
Sandra Hermens has four kids. She buys them only white socks, all the same brand and size. "They share and there is no matching of socks to be done on laundry day."
Professional organizer Kristin Long recommends designating a space to do homework where supplies are nearby but a television or video game system are not too close. "Plan on having them study at a particular time each day to reduce the need for cramming.'' She also suggests a family calendar with each member's appointment or events written in a different color.
Busy mom Maria Juncadella keeps a To-Do list with items listed by priorities. "In the morning, after coffee, I look at my list and devise my plan of action to check-off all priority 1 items, most of priority 2s and a few 3s."
And here's a tip shared by Janet Grade, who works for the Miami-Dade school system. She says working parents often tell her they are too busy or too tired to help their children study or learn. As students head back to school, she encourages parents to take opportunities when driving, grocery shopping or walking the dog to add up prices, count stop signs or review for a test. ‘‘Parents who participate in education make a difference," she says.
Happy New School Year!


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