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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Laptops or landmarks?

Can it be true? Vacationing execs spend more time looking at laptops than landmarks. I've changed my whole way of thinking on this subject. Last summer, I gave my husband a hard time about bringing his laptop on vacation. This summer, I want him to bring it -- so I can use it to check my e-mail. Most of us find returning to an overflowing inbox overwhelming. So, why not clear e-mail a few times while you're away?
But the guy sitting next to me on a lounge chair at Disney's Blizzard Beach crossed the line. He was so busy with his Blackberry, he didn't notice his toddler had wandered over to me and started a whole conversation. Even after he finished checking his e-mail, his mind clearly was on work and not his daughter's where abouts. Is that really a family vacation?
There's a difference between checking in with work and being involved while on vacation. I like these tips from Dave Willmer of The Creative Group. Willmer's poll of 250 executives shows only 13 percent don't check in while on vacation.
*Spread the word about your vacation plans and use the out of office function
*Designate a point of contact and give the person clear instructions.
*Establish check in times and stick to those times.
*Unplug. Bringing your laptop or PDA is OK, taking it out of the hotel room is not.


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