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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

An unpaid day off -- cheap or a great perk?

Who doesn't want a day off work?
But what would you think if you boss urged you to take one -- with no pay?
That's just what has been going on at The Miami Herald. Yesterday, management sent out an e-mail offering to help us, the overworked employee, with our work/life balance issues.
Here's a summary of the e-mail: "The program offers full and part-time employees the opportunity to take an extra day of unpaid time off starting July 31 through the end of the year. All Days Off require written approval from your manager.
Here's the response from cubicles nearby: If we have vacation days and comp days that we can't even find time to take, what does an unpaid day off do for us? The skeptics then chimed in with this: "Is this just a way for the big guys to save a few bucks -- by urging us to take time off with no pay?
Okay, to be fair, some of my co-workers think this is a great perk if they need it some day. I feel that way as well. But one co-worker posed this question: What would they have done to us if we needed a day off and had none left to take?
Let me hear your thoughts on giving or taking unpaid time off.


Blogger Amy said...

I feel that an employer's willingness to approve unpaid time off is a sign of great flexibility. It is unfortunate that employees who work for their wages may not be able to afford to take advantage of this type of cheap flexibility.

9:12 PM  
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