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Monday, August 20, 2007

Did you keep cool during hell week?

I made it! Today's start of school marks not only a new year but the end of hell week for working parents. It's that week after summer camp ends and before school starts when working parents scramble. Rather than open my wallet and cajole my part-time babysitter into working full-time, I took the week off.
Before long, I found myself the savior of all working mothers in my neighborhood. I traded a house full of kids for future chits to call in when I run into a child care emergencies. ( a ploy used by smart working moms!)
Some small business owners told me they bridged the gap by putting their kids to work, this works especially well in home offices. Those with tolerant bosses brought their kids to work. One mom told me last week was one of the most expensive for her family -- add childcare costs to back to school clothes and supplies and the bank account suffers. When the school bell rang today, that mom celebrated. So did I!


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