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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Get ahead by going abroad?

I just learned of a new book that has me intrigued. Get Ahead By Going Abroad: A Woman's Guide to Fast-Track Career Success (Collins 2007) Going abroad is a subject of great interest where I live -- many companies in Miami have Latin American operations and look to send female executives to those countries.

Author Stacie N. Berdan says by working abroad early in their careers, women can then have much greater options as they rise up the ranks. In her book she includes interviews with more than 40 women who talk about their time overseas, their rise and their ability to balance and manage careers now. Berdan even suggests going abroad can lead to higher pay. I will definitely put this book on my shopping list. For more info, visit


Blogger Stephanie said...

I believe in the title's premise even without reading the full book. Experiences abroad are valuable on many levels - living and working overseas broadens your perspective, globalizes your way of looking at things, and teaches you independence and adaptability.

I highly recommend traveling, working, or serving abroad - especially in the college and pre-married/pre-baby stages of life.

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