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Monday, February 04, 2008

Ease your morning routine

Do you feel like you can barely find your shoes in the mornings- let alone pull together a stylish outfit and get out the door fast?

I just read a great book that has helped me with the crazy morning routine of a working mom. It is called Ready To Wear, by Mary Lou Andre, a nationally recognized wardrobe consultant. Mary Lou outlines a five-step approach to re-organizing your entire wardrobe. The biggest tips I gleamed is to organize my closet by outfits (and to shop that way as well). The author even suggests hanging accessories with the outfits in your closet. I started using some of what I learned in the book and has become much easier to bolt out the front door each morning ( and to figure out what items I have nothing to match). Check out Mary Lou's website for some tips and pass along any you have to share.


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